Be My Valentine

A Beach Valentine for YOU!

Ocean out Mr. E!
Even in the winter Long Beach is fabulous! The storms are fierce, the waves are churled white, and the rain comes at you side ways. There was a break in the clouds and from the beach I spied this light house, flashing it's warning beacon through the grey cloud cover.

In the Queen Charlottes, the locals say if you don't like the weather, "just wait 15 mins". On Sunday, as we explored the beach I could say the same. For a brief moment the sun peaked out and lit up the sand in a soft glow. These chairs beckoned us to sit a moment.

The view from our room at The Long Beach Lodge Resort...

I'm struck by the rugged beauty of this coast line. The jagged rocks, the broken shells, the tumbled drift wood, the wind swept trees along the shore, they all echo a story of having survived the storm. And there is an incredible beauty in it all!
May each of you find HOPE in the knowlegde that the storms of life will end. The sun will shine again. And you will be a more beautiful person for having survived it!
Blessings, E


Anonymous,  February 14, 2011 at 1:06 PM  

I knew you would get some nice shots. I hope you enjoyed your wine and some fire and a book....and MR.E.

We once spent Christmas at Point no Point on the coast. The waves were so loud on the rocks I could not sleep, it sounds like thunder.

Wish I could have enjoyed the storms with you.

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