Decorating with Baskets

Count all the ways you can decorate with baskets! Baskets have a timeless appeal and they compliment every decor style. They can be decorative accents and they can serve practical needs in every room of your house.

Handcrafted baskets and old baskets that have acquired a lovely patina from usage and age are collectible items. They can be grouped together or displayed like you would a piece of art. They can be set going up stairs, they can be arranged on top of cabinets or an armoire, and they can be placed among items on a shelf creating an interesting display.

For a farmhouse feel, rustic baskets with natural fibres lend themselves well to this simple style. Baskets overflowing with flowers on a table or having them hang from "S" hooks from a pot rack created a rural feeling.

Whatever inspiration strikes you, there is no wrong place for a basket!

The ingenius uses for baskets are limitless because they come in all shapes and sizes. They are extremely versatile, and they can provide practical storage solutions in your home. Baskets in a closet hide personal items and they can be used to alternate seasonal clothing. They are great because they can function as a drawer on a shelf, at a fraction of the cost of a built in organizer!

Baskets with lids can be filled and stacked up like a tower to fill space in a corner. These baskets hide items that you want to keep while keeping your house tidy. Lidded baskets can also be covered with a piece of glass and used as a coffee or end table.

Large baskets filled with throws, blankets or extra cushions in a living room or bedroom add a casual comfortable feeling to the room.

From your typical "in/out" baskets and desktop baskets for pens, etc, or baskets that contain craft supplies, baskets are a functional way to maintain order.

Books or your favorite magazines always look great in a basket! Numbering baskets adds a whimsical element and labeling baskets is very practical. For example, in a mud room having baskets for each family member, or for winter gloves, scarves and touques, helps keep every item easy to find.
In the bathroom baskets filled with rolled towels beside the tub or a basket of TP keeps these items easily accessible.
Baskets bring an organic element to your decor. They add a soft architectural feature which can be simply decorative or also very utilitarian. Baskets compliment any decor style. They can bring culture and history to your home, and they definitely bring order!
When looking for baskets pick ones that please your eye, look for appealing details and keep in mind what the basket will be used for. If you are buying a basket for a certain function, make sure it is well made and sturdy. And use your imagination, a basket originally made for one purpose, may find a uniquely new one in your home.


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