Crown Jars and Buttons

My first crown jar I found in a thrift store hiding behind a bunch of stuff. It didn't have a price, and I almost left without it because I have a collection of turqoise Ball jars. AND REALLY how many old canning jars can one girl realistically have??!! BUT a small voice in my head told me go back for it. When the sales clerk charged me .50c I was thrilled! Isn't it amazing how little things can make a girl so happy!
I found these other jars thrifting with Melissa. I paid more for them, but seeing how they are difficult to find and I got them all with the glass lid, I'm OK with that. These jars are going to hold one of my other favorite things that make me buttons. As a young girl I loved spending time looking through my mother's buttons. She kept hers in an old cookie tin, and I found so much pleasure in dumping them out on the table and searching through them... (Maybe this is when my love of treasure hunting was born.) Today I think back on these memories with fondness.
I was so excited when I found two inexpensively priced jars of buttons! At home I dumped them out on the counter and VOILA you have an "I Spy Game"! Can you find the heart, the antique car and the rose? Melissa and I searched and sorted, and even my kids came and looked through the buttons, each one picking their favorite. My favorite are mother of pearl buttons and I struck gold, the one jar had tons.


Rainy Days

It is raining and I am hiding.... Melissa introduced me to the wonderful world of BBC....Have you ever watched "North and South"? I love it as much as Pride and Prejudice!
After Melissa left, I fully intended to take photos and post about my treasures, but instead I've been transported back in time to an era that I am captivated by. The fashions, the etiquette, the estates, the decor, the gardens....sometimes I'm not sure if I am watching the movie or just absorbing all the wonderful things in the background.
I have watched it 4 times! By myself and at various occasions in parts with my kids, and now Mr E is watching it with me. I can't wait to watch the last episode tonight.
SO I'm sorry I haven't posted anything. I'm watching TV!! And it is all Melissa's fault. :-)

I promise I will show you the wonderful buttons I found, and the crown jars to put them in, and I'll show you the quilt that I am finishing for my youngest while I am watching...
I've only got three more sides to hem. YAY!I wonder how many other BBC movies I will fall in love with as I finish this quilt....!


On the Road Again

I spent three fabulous days of thrifting with a friend, who appreciates the thrill of the hunt as much as I do!
Melissa and I used to go on treasure hunting day trips together to Victoria when our children were little. She and I would spend an entire day from early morning till late at night, "filling our boots", more acurately the trunk with all the things we loved....This trip was no different!
A few days have passed since our road trip ended and I'm still thinking about the rustic wood file boxes I found.... OH DEAR, I think I will have to go back for these! They keep popping into my head...
And last night I dreamed about finding pink plaid wool blankets, and bedspreads with fushia pompoms, and soft pink chenille coverlets.....and of course buttons! BUT IT WAS ONLY A DREAM.
Thank you Melissa for three inspirational days!


Vintage Pillow Slips

Square Cushion SOLD

I love vintage linens! Especially embroidered pillow slips. They make the loveliest cushions and childrens clothes. I had so much fun sewing these, it brought back memories of when my children were little...


My First Stumble

Apologies everyone....I am a bit technologically challenged, but I have successfully solved the problem. Please try again to leave a comment..... I'm excited to get to know you all!


Baby Steps

This photo completely captures what my journey into the blogging world has been steps. And the shoes are red, I love red!

Thank you Melissa for allowing me to borrow your photo. It is perfect for my first blog post!
Thank you Christy for taking such great photos of me. I love your work!
Thank you Lena for your patience helping me design my blog.
Thank you Carrie for continually asking me "Is it done yet?"



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